Doug Tesnow, LCPC


Clinical Therapist

Helping teens and adults become active problem solvers as they navigate life's challenges.

Are you feeling stuck right now? Are you faced with a decision or life circumstance that you aren't sure how to navigate? You don't have to struggle with this feeling and situation alone.

I offer a listening ear and help my clients focus on their strengths. I love helping my clients build their own set of coping skills so that they can be more effective in solving problems and confidently making decisions. I'm the one in session who helps sort through the overwhelming and confusing stuff so that things are more clear. My passion is collaborating with my clients so they feel supported, validated, and encouraged to work through whatever challenges come their way.


A little bit about me. 

I've been in the field for over ten years and have spent most of my career as a therapist and case manager working with teens and young adults.  I'm a musician and have traveled around the majority of the United States. You can learn a little more about me here.

What's it like to work with me?

My clients tell me that I'm friendly and super approachable. They appreciate the time I take to really get to know them and hear their story. I've got a creative side and bring in real world examples so that my clients understand themselves better and know how to more effectively reach their goals. I believe therapy doesn't always have to be about the hard stuff and love using my sense of humor to lighten the mood! My clients leave session armed with a new perspective and tools to use in therapy and beyond.

Are you ready to learn how to be a more effective problem solver? Schedule your first session today!