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Finding a therapist, counselor or psychologist in Northfield

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

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You drive through Northfield all the time on the way to the Willow Road entrance of I-94 or I-294. You love the little restaurants and shops and convenience of grabbing something to go on your way to or from work. You realize how convenient being in Northfield is for a lot of things, including the great school district, and have noticed that a lot of therapists have offices in the area. Clearly, there's a need for quality therapy to help with life's struggles. If you are looking for a therapist, counselor, or psychologist, I'd like to help you find someone who can help.

We want to help you find a therapist in Northfield, IL.

Our therapists are here to help. While we pride ourselves on the things we're skilled at treating - anxious young adults, adults wanting to find work/life balance, and those with relationship issues - we are re not skilled at everything. Even if we aren't the right fit for you, we want to make sure you get connected to a therapist that is and can help.

Here is a list of things to think about and ask when searching for a therapist:

  • What am I looking for help with right now? It can be helpful to write down a list of the things that you're hoping to address in therapy. It can be anything - getting better sleep, having better relationships with family/friends/co-workers, dealing with tough family dynamics, grief, finding a date, etc.

  • What would be convenient for me schedule-wise? Do I need after school/work/evening hours? Weekend hours? After school and work hours are popular and some practices have therapists in the office as late as 8 or 9pm, so this would be something to consider. Weekend hours vary by practice, so keep this in mind with your schedule, especially if you commit to a weekend hour but know you'll be out of town a lot.

  • When do I focus the best? This is especially helpful if you are a morning person and are looking for morning hours before work OR are someone who isn't a morning person at all but could come during a lunch hour or during the day.

  • Am I willing to commit to going to therapy every week to start? Therapy is a commitment and, as therapists, we want our clients to get the most out of it. It's helpful in the beginning to come in weekly to establish the relationship with your therapist as well as getting into the routine of being in session. This is particularly true if you haven't been in therapy before or are switching to a new therapist. Financials may also play a role in this, so it's important to be up front about any potential roadblocks you may run into.

A free therapy consultation in Northfield, IL

We hope this helps you find the right therapist in Northfield, IL. If you are feeling stuck or are unsure, contact us at 847.313.8074 for a free 15-minute consultation. We'd be happy to hear more about your situation and help you find the right therapist (even if it's not with our office). If you are looking for help with anxiety, stress, or relationship issues, you can find more information about that here.


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