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How to: Decide whether or not to do remote learning in college

You got the email from school outlining what you options are with returning to college and now you have a choice to make. Do you go back to campus at all? What about remote learning? Are you locked in if campus closes part way through the term without a way to return home?

I'm hearing this from a lot of my college students. They're not sure what to do with making a choice. But, the thing is, you actually have a hidden choice.

Here's how I see it. You can:

  1. Do remote learning from home.

  2. Do learning on campus if campus is actually open.

  3. Defer your enrollment for the year.

  4. (Hidden Option): Do remote learning wherever you want and think you learn best.

So, if you take into consideration my proposed hidden option, you now have the choice to do remote learning in the apartment you planned on getting with your friends. You have the choice to stay in someone's summer home long term with your family or your friends. You can get a short or long term rental wherever you're most comfortable if campus living isn't an option.

Sounds a little less stressful, right? The choice feels a little less like you're locked in with no escape, right?

With so much uncertainty, we have to work on finding some level of what's familiar or what's certain. Take a deep breath, write out the pros and cons of whatever option(s) you're considering, and remember that, unlike COVID, this is time limited. You will be home for break regardless and can re-evaluate then.

Contact our office if you want to discuss more specific anxiety management skills for this important decision. We're here to help you brainstorm and strategize.


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