• Rachel Dubrow, LCSW

Meet Kandyce McConico, LPC

Tell us about what made you choose to become a therapist.

Growing up, someone very close to me struggled with mental illness. In that way, it’s always been a presence in my life. As a black identified individual, I learned very early on that talking about and acknowledging mental health struggles is taboo and treating them is forbidden. I became a therapist because I wanted to work to shatter the silence around mental illness in communities of color.

What's one thing about being a client in therapy that has helped you the most?

I completely remember the feeling of not knowing what to talk about. As a client in therapy, I had a desire to make the most of my sessions but wasn’t sure what my therapist deemed "talk worthy". Because of that, I go out of my way to acknowledge with my clients’ that therapy can be difficult but this time is theirs for literally whatever they need to talk about.

What tips do you have for people who have never been in therapy before?

My number one tip is to communicate openly with your therapist, even if that means letting them know you’re not sure what to expect or what to talk about. By sharing this, I’ll bet their response will make coming to session less anxiety inducing!

What is your favorite analogy to use in session with clients?

My favorite analogy to use with clients is to view their life as a book. A story in the midst of unfolding. As a helping professional, I may be joining you in a particularly hard chapter but I know that’s not all there is to your story and I hope you know that too. Sometimes, we can get overwhelmed by the things that have happened. Filling our story into chapters can help us increase self awareness and better reflect on formative experiences and relationships in our lives.

What is one of your favorite anxiety-busting techniques?

Reality checking! There are so many stressful things going on and sometimes we can get caught up in all the worst case scenarios. I find that taking time to ask “what evidence do I have to support this?” really takes the power away from those negative thoughts. It’s a good habit to get into when feeling overwhelmed by what ifs.

Share with us your favorite book or podcast.

This is a hard one for me, because I love books so much. One of my favorite books is Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. Truly, I find most things she writes to be uplifting so you really can't go wrong with any of their titles. This book is a reminder to embrace your imperfections and be all in. Sometimes we hold back because of fear and insecurity and she challenges us all to stop holding back and show up boldly in relationships, at work, while dreaming towards our future goals… really anything.

If I can slip in a second choice, Home Body, by Rupi Kaur. She’s a feminist poet who writes about her experience coming to know her self as woman of color. Her grasp of language is beautiful.

When you're not doing therapy, how do you relax and recharge?

Family is a huge part of my life and that’s how I love to spend my free time. For solo time, reading a good book or being active help me to relax and recharge.

Are you a coffee or tea drinker in session?

I love both coffee and tea. If you see me in the morning I’m likely drinking tea… citrus and mint teas are my favorite. In the afternoon I switch over to coffee. Drinking a warm beverage is sort of ritualistic for me and I just find it to be calming and centering.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

If I could have one super power I’d choose super speed or time control. Being a mom and a professional there’s seriously never enough time in a day. If I could speed through some tasks I feel like I could have the ultimate ultra-productive day. I’d speed up the boring things like errands and chores and slow down my restful and meaningful moments.

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