Clinical Therapist

Helping young adults and adults feel grounded and empowered to conquer life's challenges.

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed at school or work? Is parenthood taking over your life? You don't have to feel this way forever and I can help you learn to navigate things more effectively.

My clients feel connected from the beginning of therapy.

I love getting to know new clients and hear their stories. Even though therapy isn't about me, sometimes it can be helpful connect about things we have in common so we can build on this. I am not a one-size fits all therapist and I love to find what works best for each individual.

A bit about my therapy style.

I know therapy can often be the most vulnerable part of your week. Because of this I like to try and make sessions as comfortable as possible by helping find what works best for you. I try to bring my sense of humor into sessions while also bringing deep compassion and empathy. I've learned that there isn't one right way to do therapy and that often times, it's the connection in the first few sessions that really get things started in the right direction. 

A little bit about me.

I got my start working as a case manager. My clients really like this aspect about me as a therapist because I know all about finding the resources and lesser-known tips and tools we all need to cope in life. I'm a lifelong learner and you can often find me reading up on all of the newest and most effective therapy techniques. When life gets crazy, chocolate and spending time outside gets me through my day!

What's it like to work with me?

I'm friendly, encouraging, and my clients tell me that I'm a constant source of support in their lives when they need it most. While we all need to vent sometimes, I'm not going to sit and listen to you talk the whole session. Instead, we will have a good balance of listening to you talk and figuring out a strategy and plan to move forward.