Clinical Therapist

Hi, I’m Shaina! I’m a Licensed Clinical Therapist...but you might call me a guru of the 20,000 foot view because I can help you zoom out from your daily life stressors and see the bigger picture.
I help people who wish they could navigate life’s difficulties but are stuck being busy, sleep-deprived, overwhelmed with life and being pulled in multiple directions. I will support you in prioritizing yourself and asking for what you want and need so you can feel free from obligations and pressures of school, work, and home. Perfectionists are welcome here :)
I know from my own experience navigating life that it can be so difficult to put aside the guilt that may come up when you do things for yourself. Regardless of how old you are and where you are in life, I’ve learned that it is important to take care of yourself and make time for the things that you love and care about. 
I believe that people who prioritize themselves will be better able to handle what life throws at them. That’s why I hope you will reach out to schedule an appointment with me today. 
When I'm not being a therapist, I enjoy...
1. Going on walks and runs with my 9 month old son. 
2. Watching scary movies with my partner.
3. Eating really good food (I especially love pizza and BBQ).
4. Playing the piano and being creative.
What's it like to work with me?
I'm friendly, encouraging, and my clients tell me that I'm a constant source of support in their lives when they need it most. While we all need to vent sometimes, I'm not going to sit and listen to you talk the whole session. Instead, we will have a good balance of listening to you talk and figuring out a strategy and plan to move forward.
Check out my bio here to learn more about me!