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Therapy for anxious young adults

Life is stressful enough when you're navigating life after school, trying to find a job and getting into the dating scene. We've been there - and we get it! We can help you tackle anxiety or depression with goal setting, problem solving, and figuring out what YOU want out of life, not what others want for you.

Rachel Dubrow, LCSW

Anxiety therapist who gets the stress of change

You’ve just graduated college and have anxiety around this life transition of what to do next. You picked a major that was interesting at the time and landed your first job. You’ve moved out of your parent’s house and finally got a place of your own. You’re loving living on your own and, to everyone else, it seems like you have it all together. But, deep inside, you feel lonely, unsure, and lost. Anxiety around a career change, worry about a new job, and anxiety in social situations and dating are all common feelings at this time of life transitions. 

You worry about the little things – How do I make new friends while living in the city? What about my old friends? What am I going to do to fill my time after work? Am I even good at this job?  I don’t know if I love this job – is this what I want my career to be?

Before Rachel became a therapist, she had her own struggles with life after college. She understands what it’s like to take the leap into being independent adults and will help you strategize how to get through this exciting, yet nerve-wracking time. She loves using real-life examples to help you understand your situation and decide what next steps to take to get the life YOU want. She’s a problem-solver with an eye for making therapy a place where questions find answers. Therapy can help you feel more comfortable with who you are, where you want to go in life, and feeling more confident in achieving the goals you set for yourself. 

Email Rachel at to schedule your first appointment. She offers convenient in-person sessions in Northfield, IL and online.

"Rachel is an awesome therapist who has helped work through many challenges."

Therapy for anxious teenager

Meet Rachel


Rachel Dubrow, LCSW

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