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Services Rachel offers

Rachel Dubrow, LCSW aims to help all of her clients with a commitment to providing evidence-based counseling and therapy to parents, 30-somethings, and young adults. Rachel has extensive and diverse experience in treating anxiety, depression, stress, relationship concerns, and life changes.


Rachel welcomes clients who have never been to therapy before, as well as those who have. Some clients choose to work on one particular issue in therapy, while others want to address their ongoing life challenges.

Anxious young adults

We provide individual therapy to help teens, recent college graduates and young adults work through fears, worry, and times when they feel overwhelmed with picking a major, starting a new job, dating or breaking up, exploring sexual orientation, anxiety-producing social situations, and anxiety or depression during high school, college and after. 

Consultation services

We provide consultation services to new masters-level graduates and experienced therapists in the field. To those looking to talk to professionals and get experiences, we’re happy to connect. 

Going for a Ride

Stressed out, overworked adults

We provide individual therapy to help clients experiencing stress related to work/life balance, parenting stress, working parent burnout, feel hopeful, increase self-esteem, and cultivate interests. 

Working on a Pottery Wheel

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