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Online therapy

Get the personalized help you need right now - wherever you are.

You're stressed out from parenting, exhausted with work burnout, anxiety from lack of social interactions, and feel like the stay at home order has no end in sight. Your stomach gets into knots every time officials push back the date to lift the order.

You're too tired to make decisions. You have no energy to give to your partner or your kids. You're digging deep just to get through the day knowing that you'll likely be doing the same thing tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. You need to feel more grounded, in control, and connected.

Confidential online therapy for individuals

Rachel recognizes that in-office therapy is not an option for everyone. She offers online therapy as an alternative to in person sessions or a hybrid that combines the two. 

To learn more about how online therapy works, visit our blog or contact our office directly.

Meet Rachel


Rachel Dubrow, LCSW

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