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Anxiety and stress management experts treating teens and adults in the Wilmette area

We understand the common stressors of today and can help you, your teen, your family better manage

You work hard. Way too hard. You’re juggling working from home, e-learning during Covid-19, and the ongoing stress at work that hasn’t stopped. You’re experiencing random anxiety or panic that comes in waves and you’d like it to become manageable sooner rather than later.


The stress of having a teen at New Trier is getting to you. There’s the high school pressure to do well enough in classes and the SAT and worrying about whether or not your teen fits in. High school is a tough time and it’s certainly impacting you and your family.


You’re looking for someone to help decrease the tension and help you have more meaningful conversations at home.

Therapy for working mom Northbrook

We’ve been helping families in Wilmette and the surrounding areas since 2012. We collaborate often with school social workers at New Trier often and are familiar with the unique struggles teens face. We aren’t necessarily opposed to medication when it’s needed and also collaborate with many of the internal medicine physicians and psychiatrists in the area.

Gain support and tools to combat anxiety or depression in a safe, non-judgemental environment 

Our practice is at the Edens and Willow Rd right by the Starbucks and offer a comfortable and modern space to all of our clients. We’re virtual, too, so are happy to have sessions wherever it’s convenient for you through our HIPAA-compliant video platform.

Experienced therapists local to Wilmette to personalize support for you

Our therapists are direct, encouraging, and a down to earth group of people. We admit, we aren’t experts at everything. But, we use our advanced training to become specialists in helping you with the following things:

Are you ready to get help for yourself?

Complete the form, call or email us for more information, to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation or an initial appointment.

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"Rachel has helped me get through some of the challenging parts of my life. I am grateful to have connected with her.” 

- A client of Rachel Dubrow, LCSW and Associates

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