Clinical Therapist

Helping teens and young adults work through the stressful times and life transitions.

Do you constantly feel like there aren't enough hours in a day? Are you struggling with friendships, relationships, adjusting to parenthood or making decisions about your next steps in life? You don't have to navigate through this alone.

I love working alongside my clients to figure out the pieces to their own puzzle. I'm the one taking the bird's eye view to the situations so that my clients can see the big picture and not get caught up in the little details. I'm also the one who helps sort through the details so that things start to make more sense. My passion is developing a partnership with my clients so they feel heard, understood and validated.


A little bit about me. 

I've been in the field for ten years and spent a lot of my time providing case management and therapy services to teens and adults, some of which have physical limitations. My clients benefit from this experience because I can extend my reach outside of the therapy office by providing resources in the community when appropriate. It also helps me take a more holistic approach to helping my clients because I understand the importance of collaboration and ongoing communication. I'm my clients' biggest advocate while helping them empower themselves to make effective choices.

What's it like to work with me?

My clients tell me I'm a really good listener. I take a more gentle approach and listen intently, often times asking thought provoking questions that really get the conversation going! I'm supportive and encouraging and not afraid to offer suggestions and things to think about in between sessions. I recognize therapy is hard work and am always thinking about creative ways to help my clients achieve their goals. I like to have clients leave session with a sense of hope knowing life can get better. 

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