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Hitting Reset: Why starting in a new job is a good thing

Coworkers meeting for the first time

Changing jobs or getting a new role in your current company can be stressful, challenging - and also a great mental opportunity. It's a rare chance that you have to do things differently to your benefit (and no one else's!). I refer to this as hitting the "reset button" on work.

Here's what that means and how it works:

Whenever there's a work change - end of a project/beginning of the next one, new boss, new role, new company, take stock on how YOU are doing. This is your chance to put yourself in a new light to your colleagues, boss, and yourself. If it's a new company, no one will be all that familiar with your work style/ethic and how hard you typically work. If it's a new role, you have the chance to adapt to the new tasks while you're prioritizing yourself.

Think about what you enjoy doing, what tasks are easy vs. hard, and at what point during the day you feel like you hit that wall and need a break.

Ask yourself this: When I get through my workday, at the end of the day, how do i feel? 

Now, putting aside the work - tough clients, deadlines, workplace dynamics - How do I feel at the end of the day?

Take a moment to reflect on your answers to the above questions. What does that say about you in where you are in your life right now?

Now, let's put this into action. Ask yourself the following:

What is working in how I get my work done?

What boundary do I need to move so that I feel like I am human at the end of the day?

Going through this exercise will give you more insight into yourself and tweaks you may want to make in this new role. Contact me for personalized guidance on how to make this work for you.


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