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 Therapy for disconnected couples

Communication is the #1 topic that comes up in my office. Couples therapy can help empower couples to be better communicators, regardless of the situation or circumstance.
Rachel Dubrow, LCSW

Collaborative couples counseling and communication

What happened to your relationship? You wonder if this there is any chance that it could get better and improve relationship communication. You miss having great conversations at the end of the day and fun date nights every week. The sadness you feel wretches your insides as you long to feel connected to your partner, the person you couldn't imagine yourself without. You don't know why, but day by day you feel further apart from each other like a disconnected couple.

You used to go to bed at night together, talking until you fell asleep. Now, you or your partner fall asleep on the couch watching TV and wake up in the middle of the night and get into bed. You can't remember the last time you had a physical or intimate connection that had meaning and felt fulfilling. You're struggling to find things to talk about or do together - and it's impacting other aspects of your life, including your role as a parent. Work stress, parenting anxiety and life transitions can all be supported by therapy. 


We help couples foster a new connection. While therapy can't "fix" a relationship, truth is, you aren't a broken car that needs fixing. You need better communication, help with problem solving, and a guide to navigate the more difficult conversations you've been avoiding. Even if you are considering separation or divorce, through therapy, we can help you make the process as amicable and collaborative as possible, especially if children are involved. 

If you are looking to work on your relationship, contact us at or 847-313-8074 to schedule your first appointment. Couples therapy takes place in our Northfield, IL office and can be arranged remotely, as appropriate. 

"Rachel has been a tremendous help for me over the past five years. She is knowledgeable of myriad topics/situations and is flexible in terms of her scheduling. Rachel has helped me get through some of the challenging parts of my life. I am grateful to have connected with her."

Couples counseling

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Rachel Dubrow, LCSW


Nicole Kioussis, LCPC


Doug Tesnow, LCPC

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