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Marriage During Coronavirus when Both Partners are Out of Work

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

You are experiencing a time of considerable uncertainty. You might be thankful to be working from home. You might fear losing your job or are temporarily not working. If you aren't working, you're waiting for unemployment benefits to be approved and the stimulus package checks to come. It's a stressful time - and one that doesn't seem to have an end point right now.

Feeling the "squeeze" financially isn't a comfortable place to be. What you need right now are coping skills (and financial stability) - and fast.

My colleague, Erika Lopez, interviewed me along with some other experts about how to cope with this time, specifically when both partners aren't working. Check out that post here.

We are here to help. Contact us today if you need to learn individualized coping skills. We offer a free 15-minute phone consultation.


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