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How A Sleep Divorce May Save A Marriage

What exactly is a sleep divorce?

It's when couples want to stay married but just can't sleep in the same bed together. One spouse may snore or have sleep apnea that impacts the other partner's quality of sleep. Insomnia may play a part or even the temperature of the room or mattress. Either way, a sleep divorce may be in order if the rest of the marriage is going well according to both partners - you just can't sleep in the same bed together.

Rachel Dubrow, LCSW is featured in The Girlfriend by AARP on November 21, 2019. Her contributions are below.

Sometimes, couples deciding not to share a bed or a room are doing this because it’s an easier way to figure out what to fix in the relationship. It could be a way of moving from a marital arrangement with a shared room to more of a roommate situation, says Rachel Dubrow, a psychotherapist in Northfield, Illinois.
But in other cases, it’s simply an easy fix when someone has a sleep habit that’s keeping the other person up.
“While it may feel awkward or detached at first, it may end up being what’s needed for both partners to truly appreciate and feel connected to one another,” Dubrow says.

Are you and your spouse or partner considering a sleep divorce? Want to discuss how this may impact your relationship and what to do about it? We can help. Contact us for a free 15-minute phone consultation.


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