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What to Expect in Your First Few Therapy Sessions

1. Jitters!

But the good kind. It is completely normal to feel anxious when taking such a big step for your personal growth. It’s the good kind of butterflies. It’s an anticipation that reflects your hope of change on the horizon. Honestly, meeting with a complete stranger is scary, but know that your therapist is waiting to welcome you warmly with unconditional acceptance of what you bring to the table. We want to hear your story. Not only that, but this is your show. You don't have to share everything at once and it’s okay to take baby steps into the deeper things that may be on your mind. Maybe you want to dive right in. There is no wrong or right way.

2. Questions

Your therapist’s main goal is to get a really good understanding of what you are looking for out of therapy. You may come in with a very specific goal such as weathering a tough transition, mourning a loss, or working on self esteem. On the other hand you may come into therapy unsure of what you are looking for and hoping your therapist can help you figure it out. As difficult as it can be, this is a great time to practice open and honest communication.

3. Answers

It’s your time to get some answers as well. Ask your therapist any and everything you are looking to know. Our goal is to make this experience as comfortable as possible. Common questions center around a therapist's background, education, and what they can offer in session. Questions may also pertain to a client's multicultural competence or experience treating a particular issue. You may wonder about how your therapist approaches sessions. All this is fair game…. So ask away. Your therapist is more than happy to share.

4. Hope

Something has brought you to this moment in your life. You are reaching out because you want movement and change in areas that have been stagnant for too long. The feeling of finally voicing what is on your mind and working with your therapist to explore your needs is unmatched. Together, you will set concrete goals which will illuminate the path forward. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel.You can begin to envision a healthier, happier, and more balanced version of yourself. You deserve this.

5. Confidentiality

Last, but certainly not least, you can expect that every single thing you share in session will stay between you and your therapist. One of the factors that makes therapy so special is having a non judgmental space to explore and process things where you know everything you say will be kept in confidence. The limitations to confidentiality are only found within the confines of securing your safety and that of others.

If you're curious about exploring therapy, we can help you get started! Email us at


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